Rapala DT (Dives To) Series Crankbaits

The new Rapala DT series was designed with over 30 years of on water experience by the crankbait master himself David Fritts and proves to make new strides in crankbait fishing for 2003. Designed to stay at a specific depth the DT series will target the 10ft depth range with the DT10 and the 16ft depth range with the DT16. When crankbaits are designed they are made to reach a certain depth. When they reach these depths, one of the drawbacks, they may only stay in the strike zone for less than 25% of the distance of your cast. The new Rapala DT10 and DT16 are designed to stay at the zone depth for more than 60% of the time, more than doubling the time your lure is in the strike zone to catch fish on an ordinary cast. DT 10 and DT16 come in 12 different fish catching colors with VMC Black Nickel Pyramid Point Hooks for fish catching power. Like all Rapala’s each DT10 and DT16 is hand tuned and tank tested to assure they run straight and true right out of the box.

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