When I started my web page my ultimate goal was to give the fishermen a place to get fishing information that would make them better at pursuing their favorite sport, fishing and catching big fish!!! Sitting down with my sponsors they were all eager to participate and thus I bring you Fishing Insider. Make sure you check back regularly, as we will be posting new how to articles on how to take big fish in your water system. New product press releases from my sponsors as to what new products are coming your way and tips on how to use them. Last but not least upcoming seminar information and answers to your frequent asked questions.

Fishing tournaments for close to 25 year I spent endless hours in the front of my bass boat getting ready for the next tournament. I now spend those hours in the front of my boat trying to figure out what makes fish bite and do the things that they do then pass this information on to you. My goal with Fishing Insider is to teach you at least one thing every time you visit, so visit often. You never know you might go away learning something. Welcome to Fishing Insider.

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